Moving On


Today I was thinking about “moving on“. This summer, three of our “Belt Team Extended Members” are “moving on“.  My daughter, Melissa, is graduating from Madison High School and moving on to Jacksonville University. Terry’s son, David, is graduating from Our Lady of Good Counsel and moving on to Madison High School. And Terry’s son, Luke, is graduating from Wolftrap Elementary School and moving on to Kilmer Intermediate School.

Thinking about all the upcoming changes in our families also made me reflect on the changes that our clients go through….the “moving on”. Oftentimes when you hear people talk about the “Top Ten Most Stressful Life Events”, buying or selling a home is included in that list. One of our goals as Belt Team members is to make buying or selling a home a GOOD experience and to relieve you of as much stress as possible. We know that we are not surgeons or fire fighters who save lives every day….but we are often working with you while you are moving on with important life changes (having new babies, starting new jobs, getting married, moving to retire, etc…)…and so we take very seriously our pledge to you to do the best we can to make things easy in your moving on!

Please do give The Belt Team a call (703-242-3975) if we can be of assistance when it’s time to move on in your household! It would be our pleasure to be of assistance.

Christy Belt Grossman