2008 Year in Review


The Belt Team was blessed to serve 64 more families in buying and/or selling their homes this past year. We are proud to say that we sold more homes in Vienna / Oakton than any other Realtor! 

It was a challenging year, but still one with many successes. Sellers who were not willing to stand helplessly on the sidelines watching prices fall were rewarded with a Sold sign in their yard and a successful settlement for their efforts. For buyers, it was the opportunity of a decade, perhaps of a lifetime, as perhaps this year will be as well.


Pricing did not continue to climb, but began to move the other way. With no sign of a rapid return to double digit appreciation, our sellers wisely did not hold out for that unrealistic expectation. We applaud them for moving forward. We also congratulate the buyers who were not frozen on the sidelines, and seized the opportunity to become homeowners or to find that “perfect” home at the perfect configuration of timing, pricing and favorable financing and interest rates. Give us a call if you want specific information on what’s going on now in your neighborhood or one you are thinking of moving to. We’ll be happy to help!

(703) 242-3975

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