And The Survey Says . . .


After each settlement, we send a survey out to our clients; to see how we performed and what we could do better. Customer service is paramount to us.

Well, we’re proud to offer kudos today to the founding partner of The Belt Team – Gail Belt. She’s been helping our clients buy & sell homes for more than 40 years. Check out the comments below from a survey we received in the mail today from Meg Sullivan & you’ll get a glimpse of why Gail has been consistently recognized at the top of her field, by both her clients & her fellow Realtors.


Q. What could the Belt Team have done to better aid in the process?

A.  “No one has ever accused me of being shy, but I really can’t come up with anything even after much thought.  I was amazed at the attention Gail gave to me as well as the sale of my house and purchase of the condo.  My experience was unequivocally that it meant almost as much to Gail as it did to me that this happen.  I was moved to tears on several occasions by her generosity, kindness, and concern.”
Q. Is there any member of the team that deserves particular accolades?

A. “Gail, of course.  For all the reasons mentioned above and more.  As a therapist I was particularly struck by how Gail intuited the condo seller’s personality and by doing so probably saved me a couple thousand dollars.  Additionally, 3 weeks after I’ve moved in (so well beyond any expectation of assistance) Gail sent me an E-mail with the name and number of a kitchen cabinet maker.”

Our Belt Team motto is “We Specialize in Success Stories . . . and our clients’ satisfaction is our greatest success story”. If you would like to work with The Belt Team to make your success story in real estate happen, contact us at (703) 242-3975.