What To Say When Your Home Is For Sale (or Really What NOT To Say!)

When you are getting ready to put your home on the market, your Realtor should set you up in the best position of strength possible. This applies to many areas – most important is pricing – but it also applies to preparation & staging, marketing & communcation. We prepare our clients to put themselves in place for the greatest success possible. Communication is one of our strong suits. From the day we meet for the first time – all the way up through settlement – we walk our Sellers through every step – from what to expect from the process – to what to say to Buyers (or what NOT to say!). Here’s an example of what we tell our Sellers:


Keep in mind that Buyers want to obtain the LOWEST PRICE and BEST TERMS FOR THEMSELVES. And that your listing agent has YOUR best interests at heart and is experienced & practiced at the best way to handle these questions and how the answers to the questions might impact potential contract offers.

You may be the top negotiator for a government contractor or the best strategist at your law firm or a great mediator in child custody situations – but each field has its own ins & outs. And the same is true for residential real estate – that’s why you need to hire the best Realtor you can find to represent you! (Note that The Belt Team has been hired many times by commercial real estate agents. Even though they are licensed, they understand that the intricacies of the residential market are such that it’s in their interest to have a specialist!)

There are many reasons it’s best for Sellers not to be home when their home is shown, but if for some reason you are there, here’s our list of what NOT to discuss (it’s easy to just refer people to your listing agent if you get asked about these items!)


1. Reason for selling

2. Motivation/urgency to sell

3. Willingness to consider an offer less than the listing price

4. Terms under which you would sell

5. Relocation, timing, benefits & policies

6. Items of personal property which you “might” be willing to include in a sale

7.  Any confidential information that would serve to disclose your negotiating strategy.

What Not To Say When Your Home Is For Sale (by The Belt Team) 

Sometimes negotiating is like a poker game. And you don’t want to tip your hand!

Contact The Belt Team if you would like representation as a Buyer or Seller by one of the best negotiators around. We have a track record to prove it!

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