TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More! Welcome Patty Schuebel!

Do you ever have one of those moments where you feel the stars are aligned just exactly right? Where everything falls into place exactly the way you hoped it would? Well – that’s the way we felt when Patty Schuebel’s resume came across our desk. And so The Belt Team is happy to announce that we have hired ANOTHER awesome Client Care Manager to serve our AWESOME clients!

Some agents work as individuals, or even in pairs, but at The Belt Team, we feel it’s in our clients’ best interests for them to be served by an entire team. It’s kind of like when you go to the doctor’s office. “Back in the day”, you’d go see your doctor (or he’d come see you!) and he did everything – he signed you in, weighed you, took your temperature, examined you, educated you on treatment options, wrote up your bill, filed your chart, handled your insurance and more. But now, when you go in – you have specialists for each part of your visit. As a patient I like that. I recently had some complicated medical issues to deal with and having someone on staff that specialized in the insurance process was a HUGE help to me. I was really glad the doctor wasn’t the one doing it. (It would have been messed up for sure!)

The reality is that each person on the team does what they are best at. So we run our real estate team along that same principle. “Team” – Together Everyone Achieves More!. Our clients don’t have to rely on just one or two people to handle everything. Imagine how hard it would be to reach them if that were the case! (When I was growing up, there was a saying “jack of all trades and master of none”.) And THAT is why we are so excited to have Patty Schuebel join our team.

Patty’s expertise lies in the administrative & operations end of things. And this is a perfect match for our clients – because when they buy and sell homes, there are a MYRIAD of details that have to be handled – appraisals, home inspections, radon testing, title work, surveys, loan approvals & more. And things need to happen when & how they’re supposed to in order for our clients toi get successfully to closing.

Not only does Patty come with incredible organizational skills and a keen intellect that is great for problem solving, she also bought & sold a home herself last year. (Patty makes the 4th Belt Team client to join our team!) Having gone through the process herself so recently, Patty has the gift of empathy. She understands what it’s like to buy & sell a home because she has walked in your shoes!


Patty Schuebel is a Client Care Manager with The Belt Team. Patty was born and raised in the Midwest and has been a resident of Northern Virginia for over 7 years. She graduated from Indiana University with a major in Economics and minor in psychology, and has over 15 years of experience in account/client management and business operations. Patty’s knowledge of managing business operations will help ensure a positive experience for our clients throughout the entire real estate process. She prides herself on the ability to collaborate effectively with many people and personalities through her communication and relationship building skills. Patty is a former Belt Team client and looks forward to offering clients the same level of excellent service and support as she received. When not working with our clients, Patty loves spending time with her husband and two wonderful English Labs; Lily and Leo!

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