Don’t Be A Real Estate Guinea Pig!

Does it really matter exactly how many homes your Realtor sells each year? Isn’t it enough that they have a license, know you, live near you and are smart? Or maybe you wonder if it would be better if they didn’t sell a lot of homes, because they might have more time for you?


Here’s why:

Because Pareto’s Principle, or the 80/20 Rule, applies in the real estate market. In other words, 20% of real estate agents nationwide sell 80% of the homes each year.

And 80% of Realtors nationwide sell fewer than 3 homes per year. (The average agent in Northern VA only sold 4 last year. While The Belt Team sold 102. That’s more than one a month for every single agent on the team.)

Unfortunately, Realtors who sell fewer homes have to almost completely relearn the business on every transaction. Just as you would probably never consider a surgeon who only operated three times a year or even once a month, you should look for the most experienced experts to represent you when you’re buying or selling a home.

Here are just a few things to consider:

Highly honed problem solving skills – The Belt Team has seen a lot over the years. Our industry changes daily. Learning never stops. The more homes we sell, the more we learn. So when problems arise, we know how to handle them. (We’ve had lightning strike, raccoons in the attic (twice!), underground oil tanks and more!)

Resources within the community – When roadblocks happen, we have the resources to find ways around them. We know who to call. And because we do so much business, when we call – people listen. (Kind of like “E.F. Hutton”!) And that benefits YOU!

So – when you’re ready to buy or sell a home in Northern Virginia – call The Belt Team (703-242-3975). You don’t want to be a guinea pig for an inexperienced or average agent. YOU DESERVE THE BEST REAL ESTATE TEAM you can get!

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