Who Needs The Postal Service?

“Who needs the postal service?” (OK – that’s another whole blog post – isn’t it?!)

But seriously, when you need something delivered, call on Keller Williams Realty. Nope, I’m not talking about the mail. I’m talking about something even more important. Food.

Red Day 2013 KW Mclean Great Falls 2

Lots of groups in our area collect food for area food banks. And since our real estate office is in McLean – we are supporters of SHARE of McLean. SHARE’s clients are the working poor. And before you ask, let me answer – YES, the McLean area has its share of poor. You might be surprised, but last year SHARE provided assistance to 2,500+ families (more than 7,500 people) – including economically distressed families, seniors on limited incomes, victims of abuse and even homeless folks.

One of the reasons why The Belt Team affiliated with Keller Williams Realty 5 years ago, is that Keller Williams has a year-round commitment to improving our local communities. We have a saying “We give where we live.” It’s why The Belt Team is proud to sponsor so many local charitable events & community teams – things like Youth Apostles, St. Mark Catholic School, Vienna Little League & more.

Red Day 2013 KW Mclean Great Falls

But once a year, on the 2nd Thursday in May, we have a special day called “RED DAY”. RED stands for “Renew, Energize and Donate”. And our entire company stops what they are doing in order to take on special events to make a difference in our communities. (Keep in mind that Keller Williams is the largest real estate company by agent count in the entire United States, with over 80,000 agents!)

All kinds of magical things happen on RED DAY. Homes are rebuilt or restored. Senior citizens get dancing partners and go to “Senior Prom”s. Gardens are planted or weeded. Cemetery headstones are cleaned. And here in McLean, SHARE’s food bank is replenished.

I’m proud to announce that this year, our McLean/Great falls office has set the SHARE of McLean record (AGAIN!). We even collected more than the United States Postal Service – assembling 7,586 pounds (almost 4 TONS) of food & supplies (including more than 9,000 diapers). (That’s more than a “Mommy & Daddy River Hippopatamus” weigh!)

Red Day 2013 KW Mclean Great Falls 3

Thanks to all who donated to help those in need. We really appreciate your support! (And a special thanks to Diane Miller in our office who organizes RED Day each year. Diane – you ROCK!)

And don’t forget, The Belt Team and Keller Williams Realty deliver. So when you need to get something done (like buying or selling a house!) – you know who to call. And it ain’t Ghostbusters! Call The Belt Team at (703) 242-3975

“Changing Lives For The Better – One Family At A Time”

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