Buyers & Sellers In Northern VA Need To OutFox The Competition

Streets Named Fox in Northern VA

Have you ever driven around to look at homes in Northern VA and noticed how many streets and subdivisions have the word “fox” in them?

  • Foxhound Rd in McLean Hunt, (McLean)
  • Fox Run Court in Wayside (Vienna)
  • Foxstone Drive in Foxstone (Vienna)
  • Fox Mill Road in Fox Vale Estates (Oakton)
  • Fox Den Lane in Fox Lake (Oakton)
  • Foxhall Road in Foxhall (McLean)
  • Fox Rest Lane in Oakden (Vienna)
  • Fox Forest Drive in Fox Run (Great Falls)
  • Fox Ripple Ln in Coppermill (Herndon)
  • Fox Woods Drive in Monroe Manor (Herndon)
  • Fox Grape Lane in Greentree Village (Springfield)

And the list goes on and on.

We have a fox in our neighborhood at the moment. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been more attuned to noticing all the streets & subdivisions with the word “fox” in them. And this fox is smart.

She knows the area like the back of her hand . . .all the ins & outs & secret hiding places. We live in a well developed area and yet, she has no problem staying hidden and keeping her babies safe from prying eyes & other animals. (I did catch one glimpse and boy were they cute!) And she has found multiple neighbors in our area who feed her. (Who needs to hunt when people will just leave food out for you? Crazy isn’t it?!)

This fox is probably using tactics that are a LOT different than those used by the foxes that were living “in these here parts” before the area was developed. But times have changed and this fox has adapted to her environment.

Buyers & Sellers in Northern VA need to do the same thing. Whether you are buying a home or selling a home, market conditions have probably changed since the last time you did this. You are competing and your goal is to outfox the competition. (Sometimes “outfox” has a negative connotation. But we like the definition “outsmart, outwit, outperform, beat through cleverness”.)

Your Realtor should have specific strategies that can help you do that.

(How do you know whether they are foxy or not? Check out their track record. Do they “win” for their clients frequently? Call their past clients and ask them! Or check out their online reviews. That will tell you a LOT!)

We won’t list our strategies here. That wouldn’t be foxy. We save them for our clients! (That’s why they think we’re the best Realtors in Northern VA!) But give us a call at (703) 242-3975 if you’d like to outfox the competition in the Northern VA Real Estate Market. Our mission is “Changing Lives For The Better, One Family At A Time!” And nothing makes us happier than happy clients!

Happy Belt Team Sellers

Lead Buyer Specialist The Belt Team

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