Vienna Real Estate – 2003 to 2013 Stats

As we head into the New Year – it’s a good time to look back over the past 10 years and see what has happened in Vienna real estate. Here are the highlights:


Prices are rising. The average price in Vienna rose 9% over the previous year and is higher than it was at the top of the market in 2006.

Vienna Home Prices Rising


Inventory is still a challenge in Vienna and is keeping sales WAY below what they were at their peak. That being said, sales for each of the past two years have been up over the previous year, but rose only 1% over the previous year.

How Many Homes Sold In Vienna VA


Homes continue to sell quickly in Vienna. In 2013, homes sold in an average of 40 days – faster than in any other year since 2005. (Note: Belt Team listings sold in an average of 5 days – AND at a higher percentage of list price than average!)

How Fast Are Homes In Vienna Selling


Sellers in 2013 garnered a higher percentage of list price than in any year since 2005 – 98.19%. (For example, if a home was listed at $900,000 – the average Seller would have sold it for $883,710. Note that Belt Team Sellers garnered 99.2% of list price. So that same Seller would have sold for $892,800 and put an extra $9,090 in their pocket!)

Vienna Home Sale Stats

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