Why Does The Belt Team Sell Real Estate In Northern VA?

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Some people go to work every day and wait for the weekend. But not The Belt Team. Our mission statement is “Changing Lives For The Better“. When that’s what you do at work, you just CAN’T WAIT to get there.

People often ask us what we do. The answer isn’t just “we sell real estate in Northern Virginia.” Truly, what we do is make dreams come true, alleviate stress, save people time, get them where they need or want to go, help them maximize their financial position, help them find the perfect places for their family to thrive and more.

Yesterday was one of those happy moments when we got to celebrate with a client who bought his first home. That’s always a special time because it’s the beginning of a future full of new memories, growth & opportunity. This time it was even more special because we celebrated a “full circle” moment.

In 2000, our Founding Partner Gail Belt sold Tom Sr. his dream home in Oakton. Yesterday, our Lead Buyer Specialist, Tom Reilly, sold Tom Jr his own first home in Falls Church. (Sounds like the Tom Tom Club! Yes – that was a vague reference to a new wave band back in the 80’s . . .)

Tom – Welcome Home! YOU are one of the reasons why we do what we do.


If it’s time for your son or daughter to buy their first home, give us a call (703) 242-3975. We’ve worked with many next generation buyers and it would be our pleasure to walk them or you through the process. You may think you can’t afford to buy yet, but with a good plan and a great Realtor, you might find the time to buy is sooner than you think!

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