Snow Does Not Stall Spring Market In Northern Virginia

Oakton Real EstateThe first day of Spring is still a few weeks away, and we have a ton of snow on the ground; but if you take a look at home sales in Northern Virginia, you’ll see that the Spring market is already in full swing. (We know this anecdotally from our own listings & sales, but let’s take a look at the statistics.)

What SOLD In January & February?

The “Sold Price” of a home is not usually released until the home goes to settlement & the sale is recorded at the courthouse, So when you see articles about home “sales”, the data lags a bit. Homes that sold in January & February probably went under contract somewhere between November & January. How many homes settled and what was the average sales price? Check the list below for your area:

CITY # of Home Sales Avg Sold Price
Alexandria 472 $463,813
Arlington 286 $559,848
Ashburn 131 $482,696
Burke 63 $449,776
Centreville 98 $385,240
Chantilly 88 $450,969
Dunn Loring 2 $840,000
Fairfax 206 $480,367
Falls Church 161 $481,629
Great Falls 14 $1,120,100
Herndon 74 $453,627
McLean 76 $926,662
Oakton 31 $597,409
Reston 105 $408,003
Springfield 134 $416,077
Sterling 111 $384,360
Vienna 79 $719,238

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What Went UNDER CONTRACT in January & February?

In every jurisdiction, a LOT more homes went under contract in January & February than sold during the previous few months. Buyers are NOT waiting until “true Spring” to buy homes.

CITY # of Homes Sold # of Homes Under Contract
Alexandria 472 714
Arlington 286 373
Ashburn 131 208
Burke 63 91
Centreville 98 142
Chantilly 88 114
Dunn Loring 2 3
Fairfax 206 284
Falls Church 161 173
Great Falls 14 24
Herndon 74 99
McLean 76 98
Oakton 31 38
Reston 105 149
Springfield 134 191
Sterling 111 147
Vienna 79 114

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How Fast Are Homes Selling?

Not only are more homes selling, but with the exception of Great Falls & McLean, they are selling faster now than they were over the past few months. (Dunn Loring is also an exception, but the statistical pool is too small to call it a trend.) Keep in mind, these are averages. Many homes are selling the same weekend they go on the market. We listed one Thursday, a contract came in over the weekend and was ratified today. (Note that there are a variety of conditions in the marketplace – with some homes languishing and some getting multiple contracts. We had one listing in our office last month that received 17 contracts!) (Note: DOM = “days on market”)

CITY DOM Solds DOM Under Contracts
Alexandria 61 59
Arlington 48 40
Ashburn 56 39
Burke 43 36
Centreville 55 50
Chantilly 45 41
Dunn Loring 18 54
Fairfax 52 42
Falls Church 51 46
Great Falls 133 133
Herndon 48 40
McLean 86 96
Oakton 87 75
Reston 52 41
Springfield 54 47
Sterling 54 44
Vienna 53 50

Moral of the Story?

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Sellers: If you have been waiting for the market to improve so you can sell, NOW is the time. Call Terry Belt or Kevin Kleifges at (703) 242-3975 to schedule a Seller Consultation. Not only will we discuss the market conditions of YOUR neighborhood, we will consult with you on staging, preparation, marketing, pricing strategies & more. (If you call this month, we will also pay for a consultation with our Professional Stager – a $195 value). You can also set up a FREE daily update (or weekly or monthly) so you find out what homes are selling for in your neighborhood.

Buyers: The market is tight. Be prepared to move quickly. You may need to compete. And in order to do so, you may need to lower the price range you are looking in. (If you can only afford to go to $700,000 for example, you may want to only look at homes up to $650,000.) You also need to make sure you work with Realtors who are proactive, seek properties on your behalf that are NOT yet on the market and utilize the most state-of-the-art home search web site (not sites like Zillow or Trulia that are NOT updated as frequently.) Contact us at (703) 242-3975 to schedule a FREE Buyer Consultation. No obligation. We will discuss market conditions, strategies for competing, the entire homebuying process including how much cash you will need, financing options and more. Interest rates are low, so you might be surprised at what you can afford. And since prices are rising, you don’t want to wait!

The Belt Team’s mission is “Changing Lives For The Better“. If it’s time to change YOURS, call us TODAY at (703) 242-3975. It would be a pleasure for OUR family to help YOUR family make the RIGHT move!

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