Home Selling Tip If You’re Waiting Til Spring

Here’s a tip for those of you who are waiting until Spring to sell your home!

TIP: If your home has trees, backs to woods or parkland, or even just looks lovely with the chrysanthemums you planted – then NOW is the time to take some photos.

Trees in Vienna

Some homes show really well in the Fall – especially when the leaves are changing. Buyers who move here from places like Southern California, where there are no real “seasons”, will be especially wowed by how your home looks at this time of year. Snap some photos now and tuck them away for next year when you’re ready to sell.

Snow Day aon Frederick St - Feb 2 2010 002

You can do the same thing in the Winter when we get our first snow. And then again in the Spring when the trees being to blossom & the flowers begin to bloom.

Spring in Vienna - March 2010 005


AND – if you’re waiting to sell in the Spring, NOW is the time to get all the little “home maintenance” type things done that you’ve been putting off. It also might be the time to do the bigger items – like updating your bathrooms, taking down wallpaper and putting a fresh coat of paint on.

Call Terry Belt & The Belt Team at (703) 242-3975 to schedule your PRE-LIST walkthrough appointment NOW. We can guide you on what items really need doing and what items can be skipped – which investments will generate a return and which investments will make you sale-able. We’ll ensure that your time and money are maximized!

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