Home Sale Statistics in Our Area – February 2019

Welcome to our monthly post of home sale statistics for our region and some hyper-local markets! Below you will find the numbers for February.

Please call The Belt Team at (703) 242-3975 or email info@thebeltteam.com to discuss in more detail what is happening in your market or if you are interested in buying and/or selling…we’d love to hear from you!

11,840 homes went under contract in the region. This is down 1.94% from the same time period in 2018.

19% of the homes that went to settlement in February 2019, sold in 10 days or less from when they hit the market. 

14,043 homes came on the market. That’s down 3.07% from February 2018.

Homes that sold (closed) averaged 78 days on market, 9 days slower than in February of 2018.

There is currently a 2.4 month supply of homes (remember, in a balanced market – the demand from buyers equals the supply from sellers – there is a 5-6 months supply) in the Mid Atlantic Region – and 26,637 homes for sale (townhouse, condo, and single family).

OVERALL: The Mid-Atlantic Region remains in a Seller’s Market.  The inventory continues to be low favoring sellers.

However, as you dig deeper into the numbers of our local market areas, you will find segments that are experiencing somewhat different market conditions.  The upper-end price points in some areas are experiencing more of a Balanced (even Buyers in some cases) market where prices are not appreciating and properties are sitting on the market longer.  Whereas the lower price points are less inventory and homes are selling much faster. 

To see what the conditions are like in your community, click on the link to your desired city below! 

And…if you are thinking of buying and/or selling, contact us NOW (703-242-3975) to make sure you are working with an agent that will provide you with the data you need to make good decisions. The reality is that Buyers & Sellers who are successful in today’s market look at the data and act accordingly. All of this data about the variances in different price ranges is a perfect example of why.  If you’re looking to buy, and you “make an offer” below list price – you might be successful in the upper ranges where there is a more abundant supply of homes. Taking that same action in the lower price range will likely mean you don’t get the house of your dreams. Someone else will.

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