Welcome Krissy O’Malley!

The Belt Team is thrilled to announce a new addition to our team!  Krissy O’Malley has joined us as our Social Media/Digital Marketing Intern.  Krissy will be developing and distributing social media content for the team, as well as supporting our marketing efforts. 

Krissy is a rising sophomore at Liberty University.  She played volleyball at Flint Hill High School and has carried that over to college volleyball and is entering her 2nd season as a collegiate athlete. While she has spent most of her free time playing volleyball, she has developed a passion for pursuing a career in real estate.  She has grown up knowing many members of the Belt Team.  Terry Belt played baseball with Krissy’s father when they were growing up in Northern Virginia.  Sarina Belt has known the O’Malley family since she and Krissy’s mother were in elementary school together at Spring Hill Elementary.  In addition, Krissy has literally grown up in the house that The Belts built!  Gail Belt sold her personal home to Krissy’s family when Krissy was 4 years old and they have lived there in Vienna ever since.  Krissy is very acquainted with the Vienna, Oakton and McLean/Tyson’s area and seeks to learn more about the real estate business in her home town.

And watch the video below to learn even more about her!

Welcome Krissy…we are so excited to have you!

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