Oakton Home Sale Statistics – How Long To Sell Your Home and Are Prices Rising?

If you’re thinking of buying a home in Oakton VA in 2017, then you’re probably wondering things like:

  • “How long are homes on the market?”
  • “Will I have to pay over list price or can I get a deal?”
  • “Buyer’s Market or Seller’s Market?”

If you’re thinking of selling a home in Oakton in 2017, you’re probably wondering:

  • “How long will it take to sell my house?”
  • “Will I have to negotiate my list price?”
  • “Seller’s Market or Buyer’s Market?”

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Let’s look at 2016 statistics as they are often an indicator of what you can expect:

  • Average Days on Market in Oakton: 67  (up from 61 days in 2015)
  • Sold Price as % of Original List Price: 95.6% (up from 95.5% in 2015)
  • Percent of Homes Sold in 10 Days or Less: 26% (down from 29% in 2015)
  • Average Sold Price: $676,683 (down from $739,544 in 2015)
  • Number of Home Sales: 321 (up from 318 in 2015)
  • More Oakton Real Estate Market Stats


Current housing supply in Oakton VA is 2.9 months. This translates to a “Seller’s Market”. (Be aware that number is for the market as a whole. If you are buying, you’ll need to ask for an analysis of the price range you’re looking in as some price ranges may actually have much more inventory.) Either way – you need all the advantages you can get. Belt Team Buyers are eligible for our FREE Priority Notification List for new listings not yet in the MLS. Call 703-242-3975 for details.


Terry Belt, CEO of The Belt Team commented, “Every year, we see competition for the best listings in the market. Often times, those who sell in January/February sell for more than those who wait for the traditional “Spring Market”. In 2017, we especially think this will bear out as we are already seeing interest rates rise, pricing some folks out of the market. Time will tell as to what 2017 has in store, but The Belt Team is already working with a number of Buyers and Sellers in Oakton and we expect the market to start out briskly.”

If you’re selling a home, your next question may be – “Is there a way to sell faster and for more than average?” And the good news is YES!

The best way to do that is to hire the real estate team with the best proven track record of success in the Oakton Vienna area. (Yes – we include Vienna because most people looking at homes in OAkton are also looking in Vienna. So having a top Realtor in both areas is in your best interests. When Buyers look at our listings in Vienna and rule our Vienna, we can refer them to our listings in Oakton!)

So who is that? It’s The Belt Team. Check out Belt Team statistics:

Once again in 2016, The Belt Team sold more homes in the Oakton Vienna area than any other agent or team. This has been the case every single year since 2009. Our track record here shows we sell homes more quickly and for more money than the “average agent”. Our experience & expertise save you time & money!

Anyone can have a good year. Maybe even a good year or two. When you’re selling your home, you need results you can count on. Over the past 10 years, The Belt Team has consistently sold more homes in the Oakton/Vienna area than ANY other agent or team—84% more than the next closest team.

The Belt Team








Only three of the 10,000+ Realtors in Northern VA have sold more than 200 homes in Vienna/Oakton in the past ten years. Of those, The Belt Team has the best sold to list price ratio. (Meaning not only do our homes sell faster than average, they sell for a higher percentage of list price than our top competitors.)

Only two agents/teams in Northern VA have sales of more than $250 Million. The Belt Team is one of them. We’ve sold more than $395 Million. 57% more than our next closest competitor. AND our listings also sell more than a month FASTER and FOR 3.3% MORE than this competitor.

On a $2M home, that’s $66K more in YOUR pocket!

Call The Belt Team at (703) 242-3975 if you would like to buy or sell a home in the Oakton Vienna. Not only have we sold more home in this area, but many of our team members have lived here for years. Terry Belt & Christy Belt Grossman grew up in Vienna, have lived here since 1972 and raised their families in here. And Christy’s husband Bill is a baseball coach at Oakton High School. Tom Hanton & Kevin Klefiges has also lived in the area since they were children and are raising their families here as well. We know the schools, the parks, the commuter short cuts, the history and all the things that make Oakton a most special place to live. Not only do we sell homes in Oakton, but with genuine enthusiasm & experience, we sell the entire community.

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 Don’t YOU deserve the BEST Realtor in the Oakton Vienna area?

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Oakton Virginia: Buyer’s Market or Seller’s Market? How Long To Sell Your Home and Are Prices Rising?

If you’re looking to buy or sell real estate in Oakton, VA in 2016, you may be wondering how long homes are on the market, whether prices are up or down and whether it’s a Buyer’s Market or Seller’s Market.

First, let’s look at what happened in 2015:

  • Average Days on Market: 62 days (almost the same as 2014 and up from 52 days in 2013)
  • Average Sold Price: $738,418  (up 5.3% from 2014 and 8.6% from 2013)
  • Average Sold Price as % of List Price: 95.6% (down from 96.2% in 2014 and 97.7% in 2013)
  • Percent of Homes Sold in 10 Days or Less: 29%

Now, to get an even better sense of what’s happening in the real estate market, go to our web site for up-to-date Oakton VA housing stats on the most recent month as compared to the five year average. This will indicate what the current trends are.

Call The Belt Team at (703) 242-3975 if you would like to buy or sell in Oakton this year.

Buyers – you’ll be interested to know that Belt Team buyers only paid 94.1% of original list price in 2015 – versus the average buyer who paid 95.6%! That’s a savings of $22,500 on a $1.5 million dollar home!

Sellers – you’ll also be happy that our listings on the Oakton Vienna area over the past 10 years have sold FASTER and for MORE MONEY than average!

Crystal Ball Forecast for The 2016 Northern VA Real Estate Market

Northern VA Real Estate Forecast 2016

But we’re going to do it anyway!

At this time of year, our phone starts ringing off the hook looking for our CEO, Terry Belt, asking for his forecast of what this year in real estate will hold. And while his crystal ball may be as imperfect as everyone else’s, he has weathered 28 years in the Northern VA real estate market and done it uber successfully. This brings with it a good look in the rear view window, but at the same time an ability to spot & react to trends quickly.

Realtor The Belt Team     Real Estate Predictions

Here are Terry Belt’s Top Predictions For The 2016 Northern VA Real Estate Market

  • Over all, we’ll see a good year in Northern VA. The national and local press are all telling “feel good” real estate stories and this is great as it resonates positively for consumer confidence, which is a huge factor in the market.
  • The first half of the year will bring a very healthy market. I predict the second half of the year will soften as inventory grows.
  • We will see slower appreciation than we have seen the past 5 years. Statistics for the past five years for various Northern VA markets are on our web site:

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Wild Cards – Things To Watch: 

  • Interest rates (already up once and likely to continue rising)
  • Stock market
  • Job creation, especially locally where we are trailing the nation
  • Inventory

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My Advice To 2016 Buyers & Sellers:

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home in 2016, the absolute most important thing you can do is to make sure you have the best Realtor representing & advocating for you. There’s a lot to navigate along the way – appraisals, surveys, legal disclosures, when to sell, how to price, how to stage, what to disclose, what not to disclose, mortgage financing, how to compete and more. Every market has its own ins & outs & idiosyncrasies.

According to NAR, 90% of homes are sold by 10% of the Realtors. So my advice to clients, whether they are buying here in Northern VA or across the country in California or even across the ocean in Europe – is to make sure you work with the best. You know they’re the best when they’re in that top echelon of performers. The more transactions a team does, the more prepared they are to be your advocate and help you navigate successfully.

Buying or selling a home is often one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, financial transactions of your lifetime – not to mention the emotional importance of your home and family. Do it right!

Median Days on Market – How Fast Are Homes Selling?

Days on Market State by State March to May 2015

If you’re wondering how fast homes are selling around the United States, here’s a great infographic from Keeping Current Matters.

Whether you’re a Buyer or a Seller, it’s important to know how quickly homes are selling in your neighborhood and/or the neighborhood you want to live in.





Buyers – Knowing how quickly homes are selling tells you how quickly you need to react when you see a home you love. In some markets, homes are languishing for months. While in others, they are snapped up the day they hit the market. Taking a look at median number of days on market will help set your expectations so you don’t feel pressured.

Sellers – If you’re selling a home, the median days on market will give you an idea of how long you’ll need to keep your home in “showing condition”. It’s not easy to keep your house looking like a showroom. Knowing what the median time frame is helps with expectations of how long it will take your home to sell. (And note – if you are aiming to “push” pricing past what recent comps show – you’ll likely need to add time onto this estimate, and be aware that you may actually sell for less than if you had priced to where the market is.)


Buyers – You can use days on market as part of the criteria for determining what price to offer. If you see a property that has been on the market for a LONG time – it’s fair to assume you may want to offer something below list price – the longer the days on market, the lower the price. But if you’re making a lowball offer on a home that just hit the market – it’s unlikely the owner will accept your offer.

Sellers – Median days on market is one criteria you should consider in your pricing strategy. If you home has been on the market longer than the median number of days – you most likely need a price adjustment. (You may need to take other action – such as repairs or staging, but it’s highly likely a price adjustment is in order as well.)

Here are some of the local stats for days on market. How fast are homes selling in:

Median days on market is just ONE of many criteria Buyers and Sellers should consider. For a personalized consultation including ALL the criteria – contact Terry Belt & The Belt Team at (703) 242-3975. We’ll help you make the RIGHT move!

Homebuyers Are On Borrowed Time, Sellers Take Note

Buyers Market or Sellers Market

If you’re thinking of buying a home in 2015, you may want to do it sooner rather than later. Why is that? Well, according to Gary Keller, Chairman of the Board of the world’s largest real estate company, “Home buyers are on borrowed time.” Keller made this comment back in February at Keller Williams Realty’s annual gathering of top associates from around the world as part of his economic update.

In case you’re thinking the comment made by Keller may have been self-serving just to encourage urgency among potential homebuyers, you might be interested to know that the Federal Reserve’s moves last week seem to corroborate Keller’s statement. From The Washington Post on March 19th: “The Federal Reserve cleared the way Wednesday for raising interest rates for the first time since the financial crisis.” The Fed was clear that a rate hike is not immediate or even imminent, but they definitely opened the door for that to happen this year. And as we see the economy improve, we also believe this will happen.

CEO The Belt TeamTerry Belt, CEO of The Belt Team says he is “advising our serious buyers that NOW is the time to buy. Rising interest rates, combined with rising home values mean that buying later will equal lower affordability and much less house. It is for this reason that we are also advising Sellers to sell sooner rather than later. If and when interest rates rise, some home buyers will be priced out of the market. And while home values are projected to rise in 2015, the projected rise is very moderate – about 3%, as compared to the 11% rise we saw in some areas over the past few years.”

Today, we spoke with Christine Todd, CEO of the Northern VA Association of Realtors (the 11th largest association in the U.S.). She told us that housing inventory in Northern VA is at a five year low and that throughout Northern VA, inventory is at 2 months. Two months of inventory translates to a Seller’s Market. That puts Sellers in the driver’s seat – making now a fabulous time to sell. It also means that Buyers have less options and it make take more time to find your dream home. And unlike the Rolling Stones song “Time Is On My Side”, it may only be a matter of time before rates rise. Another reason why waiting may not be to your benefit.

Whether you’re buying or selling, there are challenges on both ends. Buyers seek guidance on getting through credit hurdles, loan approvals and financing options. They need advocates who can advise on how to best compete, what their options are and how to find homes not already on the market. They want the RIGHT home. And while it sounds good to be a Seller during a Seller’s market (and it is!) – you still want to make sure you don’t leave money on the table and that once you are under contract, your sale actually goes to closing. THIS is where a top notch Realtor makes a difference and why the number of people selling by owner has gone down year after year.

The Belt Team has navigated the Northern Virginia real estate market since 1973. We have serious, long-term, committed Realtors on our team who are here to educate, navigate and advocate for you. When you read our online reviews, we think you’ll soon see why it’s in your best interests to work with what we think is the best real estate team in Northern VA. Our mission statement is “Changing Lives For The Better”. If it’s time to change yours, give Terry Belt & The Belt Team a call at (703) 242-3975. It would be a pleasure for our family to help your family make the right move. And that right move just might be NOW!

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National Real Estate Update

Interest rates are on the rise. Find out what else is happening in the national real estate market in a quick minute!

Now that you know what’s happening in the macromarket, let’s take a look at the  hyperlocal markets. For stats on Northern Virginia communities – check The Belt Team’s community pages:

Call Terry Belt & The Belt Team at (703) 242-3975 to schedule a FREE Buyer or Seller Consultation.

Oakton Virginia: Buyer’s Market or Seller’s Market? How Long To Sell Your Home and Are Prices Rising?

If you’re looking to buy or sell real estate in Oakton, VA in 2015, you may be wondering how long homes are on the market, whether prices are up or down and whether it’s a Buyer’s Market or Seller’s Market.

First, let’s look at what happened in 2014:

  • Average Days on Market: 64 days (up from 52 days in 2013)
  • Average Sold Price: $701,396 (up from $679,665 in 2013)
  • Average Sold Price as % of List Price: 96.2% (down from 97.7% in 2013)
  • Percent of Homes Sold in 10 Days or Less: 30%

Now, to get an even better sense of what’s happening in the real estate market, go to our web site for up-to-date Oakton VA housing stats on the most recent month as compared to the five year average. This will indicate what the current trends are.

(Special Info For Sellers of Million Dollar Homes)

Call Terry Belt & The Belt Team at (703) 242-3975 if you would like to buy or sell in Oakton, VA.

Northern VA Real Estate Market – How Did We Fare in 2014? What’s Happening in 2015?

2014 Northern VA Real Estate Stats

2014 was the “Year of Micromarkets”.

Check out our blog and you’ll find year-end statistics for both the larger macromarket of the Mid-Atlantic region, as well as the counties of Fairfax, Loudoun & Arlington. Along with that, you’ll find stats for the various cities and towns in Northern VA. It used to be that looking at statistics city by city was often enough to arm you with most of the information you might need to understand the market – whether on the buy side or sell side. But that is no longer the case. (So when you hear the national news headlines about real estate – don’t listen! It’s like listening to the weather forecast in Phoenix when you’re trying to figure out what to wear in McLean.)

Within each county and city, there is a whole other story being told – market by market by market. Let’s take Loudoun County for example. Average days on market in Loudoun was 44 days. The average home sold for 97.5% of original list price. If you’re a buyer, you might draw the conclusion that you can “get a deal” or at least that you can negotiate some off the list price. On some homes, that might be the case. (In fact, that was the case for Buyers represented by The Belt Team. Our buyers only paid on average 93.8% of list price.) But that would not be representative of the entire market.

If you look at the statistics further, you’ll find that last year, 37% of homes in Loudoun sold in 10 days or less. Buyers of those homes often competed and came prepared to pay over list price. In fact, the average paid was just over 100% of list price. This micromarket was seen primarily in the $400’s and below. Homes that were listed over $900K saw a different market. Average days on market was 121 days (4 months!). And homes sold for 92.9% of list price.

The moral of the story of 2014 (and going forward in 2015) is that you MUST get the detailed, hyperlocal info you need to make decisions on the very specific micromarket where you’re looking to buy or sell. It’s a vital part of setting your strategy for success – whether you’re buying or selling. The average agent (and even you) have access to some of this data through normal channels – either online, through the MLS, public tax records, etc. But if you really want to get the most when selling your home (or prevail as a buyer in a market where inventory is low – which it is all over Northern VA) – it’s imperative that you work with Realtors (like The Belt Team) who not only have the free info online and in the MLS, but who pay premium dollars for the most detailed and up-to-date data available. We are your local enconomists. And this data gives our clients a leg up.

Northern VA Real Estate Market

So. 2015. Here’s what we see:

  • Interest rates rising
  • Prices rising slightly. (Note that last year’s prices rose, but not like they did in 2013. For example – in 2013, Fairfax County rose about 7%. In 2014, Fairfax County prices rose less than 2%.)
  • Low inventory.
  • Competing contracts in the lower price ranges.
  • And the early bird will get the worm – both on the buyer side and the seller side.

If you would like an in-depth analysis of YOUR micromarket, call Terry Belt & The Belt Team at (703) 242-3975 to schedule a FREE consultation.

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It’s 4th & Goal Time in the 2014 Real Estate Bowl

We’re headed into Fourth Quarter of this year’s Real Estate game, so it’s time to survey the field and see what’s happening!

Northern VA Home Prices

First, it looks like the market has stabilized in terms of appreciation rates and become a bit more homogenous around the Beltway & beyond.

When we assessed average sales prices at mid-year, we saw that some areas had gone DOWN when we compared last year to this year (Great Falls, McLean & Burke). We also had some areas that were UP close to 10% (Dunn Loring, Vienna & Chantilly). That’s a wide variation.

Numbers from January 1 to September 30th still vary from city to city – but for the most part average sales prices are up in the 2-3% range. Exceptions are Dunn Loring (up 9.8%), Vienna & Chantilly (up 6.7%), and McLean (down 1.1%).(If you’re thinking of selling a home in Vienna, Dunn Loring or Chantilly – that’s good news. And if you’re thinking of buying in McLean – that also good news for you!)

Second, sales are down year-over-year in EVERY market (sales as in the NUMBER of sales).

With three exceptions, the number of sales is down by DOUBLE DIGITS across the board. While Springfield, Arlington & Alexandria only saw sales drop by single digits (2%, 7%, 9% respectively) – some areas saw HUGE drops in sales. The hardest hit were Oakton (37% down) and Great Falls (40% down.)

The question we often get as we head into the fourth quarter is whether to put your home on the market now or whether to wait. (With inventory so low, Buyers should not step out of the market over the holidays, but be prepared to move when that perfect home comes on the market!) Sellers tell us they have heard that “Spring is the best time to sell.

It’s like a football game – do you hunker down & play defense, do you put on an offensive blitz, do you play conservatively, do you throw the Hail Mary or do you go with the carefully charted out plays?

Well, that depends on a number of factors:

  • why you’re selling
  • whether you’re moving up or down
  • whether you’re moving locally or out of the area
  • whether you need to sell in order to buy your next home
  • what the landscaping at your home is like
  • how well you will compete when the market is flooded with inventory in the Spring
  • whether you need to renovate
  • etc etc etc

You get the idea. There’s a LOT to consider. And there is no black & white answer. As you can see from the numbers above – our Northern Virginia real estate market fluctuates frequently and fluctuates from neighborhood to neighborhood. The best thing you can do when making a big decision like this is to contact the top real estate team in your area and schedule a consultation where you can get specific stats & info that will allow you to craft a custom plan to sell your home for the highest amount the market will bear, in the fastest amount of time and with the least inconvenience. (You can start here with a FREE INSTANT estimate of market value, then we can refine it when we meet based on YOUR situation – upgrades, updates, condition, etc.)

Our market has shifted multiple times this year. Sellers who had Realtors with a pulse on the market sold their homes quickly and at top prices, while other Sellers have homes that are languishing on the market. (There’s one in Vienna that has been for sale for more than 3 years!) The average Realtor sells 5 homes per year. Belt Team agents on average sell more than triple that, 20 times that as a team. We have a most accurate pulse on the market. How do you know? Our listings sell FASTER AND FOR MORE MONEY than average. And our Buyers win out.

There’s a saying we like to use – “Keep Calm & Tell The Truth”  Most Realtors just can’t handle the truth. Call The Belt Team for straight talk. We know YOU can handle it! Call Terry Belt & The Belt Team at (703) 242-3975. We’ll help you make the RIGHT move.

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Statistics per MRIS (January 1 to September 20)

Northern VA 2013 Sales 2014 Sales Yr Over Yr Avg SP 2013 Avg SP 2014 Yr Over Yr
Alexandria 4016 3721 -7% $483,453 $497,822 3.0%
Annandale 628 431 -31% $465,092 $473,576 1.8%
Arlington 2325 2119 -9% $601,216 $618,221 2.8%
Ashburn 1390 1177 -15% $486,416 $499,766 2.7%
Burke 505 455 -10% $433,314 $450,267 3.9%
Centreville 842 731 -13% $389,554 $398,096 2.2%
Chantilly 643 556 -14% $450,792 $480,792 6.7%
Dunn Loring 21 16 -24% $793,643 $871,250 9.8%
Fairfax 1770 1510 -15% $494,124 $504,736 2.1%
Falls Church 1167 1028 -12% $504,660 $516,176 2.3%
Great Falls 218 130 -40% $1,235,925 $1,248,629 1.0%
Herndon 687 615 -10% $476,664 $481,339 1.0%
McLean 601 536 -11% $1,061,441 $1,050,113 -1.1%
Oakton 320 201 -37% $680,874 $696,216 2.3%
Reston 921 787 -15% $454,256 $465,731 2.5%
Springfield 1006 990 -2% $433,700 $446,310 2.9%
Sterling 975 873 -10% $377,790 $390,156 3.3%
Vienna 708 640 -10% $746,533 $796,846 6.7%

Northern VA Home Sales Down, Prices Up in First Quarter of 2014

First quarter statistics have been released. In most areas the number of homes sold in the first quarter of 2014 was down compared to first quarter 2013. However, in most areas, prices rose. Only 3 areas saw an increase in home sales: Dunn Loring, Centreville & Springfield. In every other Northern Virginia city, home sales declined year over year. On the other hand, prices were up in all cities except three: Ashburn, Great Falls & McLean. The other areas saw average prices rise from 2.1% to 10.2%. (See chart below for sales & prices in each city.)

Call (703) 242-3975 if you would like a zip code or neighborhood analysis.

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Northern VA Home Sales

Northern VA 2013 Sales 2014 Sales Yr Over Yr Avg SP 2013 Avg SP 2014 Yr Over Yr
Alexandria 951 867 -9% $451,880 $488,773 8%
Arlington 536 486 -9% $570,179 $585,200 2.6%
Ashburn 331 253 -24% $466,963 $462,281 -1.0%
Burke 96 114 19% $415,793 $426,403 2.6%
Centreville 173 182 5% $354,407 $372,015 5.0%
Chantilly 166 144 -13% $429,711 $463,140 7.8%
Dunn Loring 2 4 100% $882,500 $834,000 -5.5%
Fairfax 414 344 -17% $463,841 $488,611 5.3%
Falls Church 282 251 -11% $466,898 $476,777 2.1%
Great Falls 55 25 -55% $1,248,293 $1,108,758 -11.2%
Herndon 138 124 -10% $419,152 $447,186 6.7%
McLean 143 128 -10% $1,135,881 $931,091 -18.0%
Oakton 54 48 -11% $509,763 $562,012 10.2%
Reston 194 190 -2% $427,210 $441,990 3.5%
Springfield 208 232 12% $395,386 $428,874 8.5%
Sterling 211 194 -8% $349,394 $379,676 8.7%
Vienna 140 129 -8% $718,021 $733,301 2.1%