Slaying Home Buying Myths

We get questions from first-time homebuyers like this all the time:

  • Do I have to have a perfect credit score?
  • Do I need 20% cash for my down payment?
  • Aren’t interest rates really high?
  • Can I really afford to buy?

Check out what Keeping Current Matters has to say about the myths related to buying a home:

Slaying Home Buying Myths [INFOGRAPHIC] | MyKCM

Some Highlights:

  • Interest rates are still below historic numbers.
  • 88% of property managers raised their rent in the last 12 months!
  • The credit score requirements for mortgage approval continue to fall.

The Belt Team has a Buyer Specialist whose expertise is First-Time Homebuyers. If you’re looking for someone to walk you through each step of the process, call Beth Dadisman at (703) 577-1144. Or click here to schedule a FREE consultation.

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Act Like Katy Perry If You Want To Find Your Dream Home. Seriously.

Frustrated Homebuyer

If you stop in to almost any real estate office in Northern VA, you will hear tale after tale of frustrated homebuyers . . .

  • Buyers who have fallen in love with homes, only to be outbid by other buyers who had more cash.
  • Buyers who are tired of such low inventory and can’t find a home they like or can afford.
  • Buyers who have lost out on their potential dream home because it sold two hours after it went on the market and they couldn’t move that fast.

So what’s a buyer to do?


(In case you don’t know who Katy Perry is, she’s a 28 year old singer who has had five #1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100.)

Downtown Los Angeles skyline at night.

Recently, Katy Perry bought two adjacent homes in the Hollywood Hills (for $11.2 million!). Rumors are that she plans to use them as a “compound” of sorts. At any rate, the Hollywood Hills is a very sought after area and homes like this don’t come available very often – especially adjacent to one another. And the real estate market there is very similar to our Northern VA market. My colleague Dave Ockun, a top Hollywood Realtor reports “My last listing in the Hollywood Hills sold all cash at full price with a 2 week close. Great inventory is gone immediately!”

So how did Katy Perry make this happen?

She bought homes that were not active in the MLS!

Here’s the thing. You don’t have to be a famous singer or movie star to accomplish the same result – finding your dream home. You just need to work with a real estate team who thinks outside the box, has connections, knows about hidden inventory and is willing to work hard to make your dreams come true. Find yourself the best Realtor in Northern VA.

The Belt Team has done this for Buyers many times over the years. We can’t reveal all our secrets here, but they include things like secret Facebook groups, underground connections built over many years and more.

So if you are really serious about finding your dream home, call our Lead Buyer Specialist Tom Reilly at (703) 242-3975. He makes dreams come true. (In fact, the day we did the photo shoot for the picture below, Tom was actually negotiating a deal for one of his buyers WHILE the photographer was shooting!)

The Belt Team Helps Buyers Find Homes Not On The Market