Slaying Home Buying Myths

We get questions from first-time homebuyers like this all the time:

  • Do I have to have a perfect credit score?
  • Do I need 20% cash for my down payment?
  • Aren’t interest rates really high?
  • Can I really afford to buy?

Check out what Keeping Current Matters has to say about the myths related to buying a home:

Slaying Home Buying Myths [INFOGRAPHIC] | MyKCM

Some Highlights:

  • Interest rates are still below historic numbers.
  • 88% of property managers raised their rent in the last 12 months!
  • The credit score requirements for mortgage approval continue to fall.

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Here’s how you might feel after you buy your first place! We helped these first time homebuyers find their dream home and go to settlement just last week! The Belt Team is ranked in the Top 20 Real Estate Agents in the State of VA (out of 30,000 agents). Don’t you deserve the BEST?!

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3 Tips For Surviving The Northern VA Real Estate Jungle

An experience with a longtime friend got me thinking about the Northern VA real estate market and how it’s become a jungle out there. “Kill or be killed” as the saying goes.

Monday morning I got a Facebook message from my friend Tarzan that said “So Jane and I stopped by an open house yesterday just for grins . . . Uh Oh Chongo, we need The Belt Team!“. (Note: Names changed to fit the jungle theme – and to protect our clients.)

Apparently Tarzan & Jane had been debating over the past few months whether or not to renovate their current home – or whether to buy another home that was already updated. As part of their decision process, they had been stopping in to open houses to see what was out there, what other people had done and how much homes were going for. They weren’t ready to jump in to anything. Just gathering info.

But lo & behold, they walked into an open house on Sunday and fell in love. Hence the call to our team.

Well, if you have been following our Northern VA real estate blog, you know the market is crazy – with many areas (maybe even most areas) in a Seller’s Market. The home Tarzan & Jane were interested in had gone on the market the previous Friday. So, by the time they contacted us it had been for sale for 3 days. We reached out to the listing agent on their behalf and it turned out they had already received a contract and were close to ratifying it. Unfortunately, Trazan & Jane did not already have a loan approval letter (since they were not “serious” about buying until they saw this home). Jane works for a credit union and could make that happen quickly. But the Seller preferred the “bird in the hand”, did not want to wait and so their dream home home sold to another buyer.

Moral of the story? It’s a jungle out there! Whether you’re in the market to buy or sell now – or whether you’re just thinking about it – you have to proceed like animals do in the jungle. “Kill or be killed.” Here are 3 Tips to survive the real estate jungle:

Act Like A Cheetah:

Northern VA Real Estate Market Tips

Cheetahs don’t closely approach their prey and then slowly go after them. (Like what Tarzan & Jane did.) Instead, they stalk the animal and then charge it from a slight distance – at speeds no other animal can match. They also often hunt in groups. In the Northern VA real estate market, buyers need to act like a cheetah. They need to stalk the market, gather facts from expert hunters in their group (top notch Realtors), and then when they are ready – go in for the kill and do it fast. Realtors with long term partner relationships can make things happen fast.

I think folks who are contemplating buying or selling often hesitate to call a Realtor because they don’t want to be pressured, especially if they are not ready to do anything and are just in the fact gathering or mulling over the options stage.  While this might happen if you speak with a Realtor who does not do much business, it’s not the case if you talk to a trusted Realtor with years & years of happy clients. Our reputations have been too hard won to risk losing by pressuring a client into buying or selling when they are not ready. People also tell us “we don’t want to bother you until we know what we want to do”. But, really, it’s not a bother. We want to make sure you make the best decision you can and one that is right for YOU. Talking to us can provide clarity and additional things to think about that you had not previously considered. And it’s our pleasure to provide that service.

Protect Like A Lion:

Lion Yawning

The lion is known as the “King of the Jungle”. They protect themselves with their roar, their large mouths and their claws. This jungle animal also travels with other lions (in prides). In the Northern VA real estate market, you need to protect yourself like a lion. And a top notch real estate expert can help arm you with the claws you need – with counsel on loan approval, inspections, pricing, staging & more.

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Eat Like An Elephant:


Elephants are known for eating massive amounts of food (some say African elephants eat 600 pounds in a day!). We’re not recommending chowing down at your local “all you can eat” buffet; but if you’re contemplating buying or selling a home – you need to consume information the way an elephant eats. Now, you can do this yourself or you can do it with the help of a professional. In the African elephant’s case, he eats like this every day, day after day. He’s an “expert eater” so to speak. On the other hand, if you took that African elephant and put him in Antarctica every 5-7 years and watched whether he was good at gathering food, we’d guess probably not as good as the penguins. The same thing goes for real estate. You need to eat real estate info the way an elephant eats – market statistics, interest rates, renovation costs, buying conditions, legal implications, resale issues, tax considerations, etc. And since you probably don’t do real estate on a daily basis year after year, it’s kind of like the elephant in Antarctica. He’d find a lot more food if he consulted the local eating professional (the penguin). And so will you by consulting the best Realtors in Vienna, Oakton, McLean or wherever you are looking to buy or sell.

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For more tips on how to survive the Northern VA Real Estate Jungle, contact The Belt Team or call (703) 242-3975.

Home Buyers – Don’t Let Your Heart Get Broken

Most people looking for a new home start their search online. In fact, according to the NAR, 43% of home buyers used the internet as the first step in their search. And 92% of buyers used the internet in some way as part of their search.

We don’t have statistics for this next fact, but based on our experience we can tell you it’s more common than not.

“Buyers shopping for homes often have their hearts broken.”

In fact, we are so sure of this fact that if you are a Buyer yourself, we will hazard a guess this has happened to you. You search and search and search. All of a sudden you find THE house online. The one you’ve been looking for. The PERFECT one. You call the agent. And it turns out it’s already under contract. Or maybe it’s already even SOLD! Many buyers who come to us have had this happen over and over before they started working with The Belt Team. Don’t let this happen to you. Because once you see the perfect house – nothing else will seem to compare.

Broken Heart - The House Is Already Sold

If you do a Google search for homes, your search will often yield info about homes that are not on the market. Even if you use the most popular search sites like Zillow, Trulia or – you’ll often gather inaccurate or untimely search results.

What’s the answer?

Use the same service that we as Realtors use to help our clients find homes. It feeds directly from the local MLS and is updated more frequently than other sites. Our team invests tens of thousands of dollars per year to have access to this system. (Note: This is just ONE of many special technologies we pay for to enhance our clients’ real estate experience. Per NAR, the average Realtor only spends $848/yr.)

Yes, you will need to register to use it. The system is really easy to use, and it has so many bells and whistles that we want to ensure you are finding EXACTLY what you’re looking for. Time is money. And YOUR time is valuable. Don’t waste it looking at homes that may not be available.

Try it out. We’re pretty sure you’ll like it. (And by the way – it’s FREE to you and there is NO obligation.)

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(Read what clients have posted about our agents Terry Belt, Kevin Kleifges, Tom Reilly, Beth Dadisman, Gail Belt, Martin Bristow & The Belt Team on independent site here.)

Beware Commission Breath!

Commission Breath

Last night I had an interesting conversation with a young bartender named Marissa at the restaurant we frequent. She casually commented to me that her mother had told her she should get her real estate license. I responded that I thought it was a great idea. (She’s very intelligent, personable, great at customer service, puts others first and has an amazing work ethic – working two jobs.)

She promptly shriveled her nose in disdain.

I don’t think I would ever want to be a real estate agent!

I had to laugh, being that I’ve been in the real estate business for almost 30 years now. So I asked her what it was that made her think she wouldn’t like real estate. Her response?

I could never be a pushy sales person. I can’t imagine pushing people to buy a house. Like, we’re talking where they LIVE! That’s just not in me.

My response?

That’s exactly why you SHOULD get into real estate.

Marissa’s response is probably not an unusual one. Perhaps you have had that pushy sales person experience yourself. If so – here’s our advice:

Don’t walk, RUN!

We have a saying for agents who operate that way. It’s called “Commission Breath”. If you smell commission breath, then you need to find yourself a new agent. if you feel like your agent is more interested in their commission than they are in your best interests – it’s time for a change. Don’t sign a Listing Agreement or a Buyer Broker Agreement until you are confident you will be well represented. YOUR interests MUST come first!

Our team has been helping clients buy & sell homes for more than 40 years. Over that time we have clients we have worked with over and over – some have even bought & sold more than 10 homes with us. We also have clients who have sent us their children. And their grandchildren. We have a long term view of the world. Our integrity is everything to us. One commission is never more important than one client and their best interests.

In fact, there are lots of times where we advise a client AGAINST buying or selling. When we work with buyers, we point out both the positives and the negatives. And it can be heartbreaking to see a buyer fall in love with a house, only for us to advise that we think it not in their best interests to buy. We’ve also met with Sellers who think they want to sell, and we advise them to wait. (Oftentimes this is the case when someone loses a spouse. Making a decision about selling too soon can be devastating.)

If you smell commission breath, RUN!

The Belt Team’s Mission Statement is “Changing Lives For The Better”. If you’re wondering what it’s like to work with us – check out The Belt Team’s Mission, Vision, Values & Beliefs. And check out our client reviews on independent site (We have NO control over what is posted there.)

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3 Reasons Why NOW May Be Your Time To Move Up

If you’ve been feeling like George Jefferson and thinking about “moving on up” (maybe you’ve outgrown your house or you’re just ready for a change), here are 3 reasons why NOW might be your perfect storm:

1. You might be able to have your cake & eat it too!

Have Your Cake

If you’re selling a home in the lower or mid price ranges (under $900,000) and moving into the over $1.2 million price range – you have a small window of opportunity that is open right now. The low-mid price ranges are moving swiftly. Housing supply is uber low. And that means values are rising. (Great for you when you sell your home!) On the other hand, the speedy market has not quite reached the upper ranges yet, at least not across the board, and so you may still have a quick window to buy above $1.2 million before prices rise in the same fashion as they have in your current home’s market. If you wait to make that move up, you may sell your current home for more than you could now (assuming prices continue to rise), BUT you would end up paying a LOT more for your new home when prices rise across the board.


If you sold now, you might sell your current home for $900,000, and buy your new home for $1.3 million. If you wait until next year, prices could rise 6%, netting you an additional $54,000 on the sale of your existing home; but costing you $78,000 more on your new home. You end up losing $24,000. (Note: Last year home prices in our area actually rose 7.12%.)

2. Interest rates continue to rise

Top Realtors Northern VA

This means unless you are paying cash, the price of your new home keeps getting more & more expensive. All of the major forecasters (Mortgage Bankers Association, FHLMC, Fannie Mae, etc) are predicting interest rates to exceed 5% by 2015. That’s about 1% higher than where rates are now. Keep in mind that a 1% rise in interest rates equals a 10% decrease in home price affordability. So moving up NOW may be much better than later in terms of your mortgage payment and how much house you can buy.


Take A Leap

“YOLO” is the modern version of “carpe diem”. Seize the day. You only live once. While that sounds a bit cavalier, we actually say this from experience. People often wait so long for the “perfect time” that they miss it altogether. If the reason you’re moving up is that your family has grown and you really need more space, or maybe your in-laws are aging and moving in with you, or your children are back home after college – don’t miss this opportunity. While real estate is an investment and a huge part of your financial picture, family is everything and your home is where it all happens. So call your real estate agent, analyze the numbers and if it makes sense – take the leap. Our clients often tell us they wish they had leapt a long time before they did.

If you’re thinking of moving up – or moving down – call The Belt Team at (703) 242-3975. We’ll walk you through the process and help you analyze the “ins & outs” – where prices are in your current neighborhood & your dream neighborhood, whether you need to buy first or sell first, how you can find homes before they hit the market – there may even be some you haven’t though of!

If you’d like to maximize profits AND make your life easier – call (703) 242-3975 and ask for Terry Belt or Kevin Kleifges. We’ll help you construct a strategy to do so.

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What Is Title Insurance? Do I Really Need It?

If you’re buying a home, you might be wondering whether or not you need title insurance. If you’re getting a mortgage, then your lender will require you to purchase a lender’s title insurance policy; but you also have the option to purchase one for yourself.

But what is title insurance?

We asked one of our favorite title company partners, Double Eagle Title,  to explain.

Gina Clough & Chris Melnick
Founders, Double Eagle Title
(703) 865-2519

Here’s what Chris Melnick said:


What is title insurance and why buy title insurance? 

Title insurance is an indemnity contract by which the insurer (title insurance company underwriter) agrees to indemnify the insured( purchaser) against losses covered by the policy.  Title insurance is one premium agreement to indemnify a policyholder, in amounts not to exceed the face value amount of the policy (the contract sales price), for losses caused by either on record and off record defects that are found in the title or interest in and insured property to have existed on the date on which the policy is issued .

Title insurance protects the purchaser of real estate property from issues such as:

1) Errors or omissions in deeds

2) Invalid deeds

3) Mistakes in recording legal documents

4) Mistakes in examining public records

5) Identification fraud

6) Forgery and theft

7) Undisclosed or missing heirs

8) Liens for unpaid taxes


Over our years in real estate, we have not seen things like this happen very often, but when they have, our clients have been very grateful they bought title insurance. (It’s kind of like health insurance. When you’re young & healthy, it seems like a waste of money to pay for insurance. But if you’ve ever been in an accident or dealt with a catastrophic illness, then you know how important that insurance can be.)

If you have specific questions about settlement costs, title insurance or any of the above situations, contact Chris Melnick with Double Eagle Title. He’s our “go-to resource” for title & settlement questions!

The Dangers of Overpricing Your Home & Other Truths You NEED TO Know

As professionals in the Northern Virginia real estate market for more than 40 years, we have developed a reputation for integrity & truth telling – even when it’s not to our advantage.

The Belt Team Values

How could telling the truth not work in our favor?

One example would be when we’re showing homes to a Buyer. And the Buyer falls in love with the house. We can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voice. Sometimes it’s even love at first sight.

But part of our job is to make sure the Buyer has ALL the facts before making a  decision that could affect their future forever. Sometimes that means giving them information they may not want to hear – about potential resale issues for example. Buyers from other parts of the country may not care whether a home has a basement. But Buyers in Northern VA DO care. And so homes with finished basements are often much more saleable (and sell for more) than homes without basements. If the Buyer is a relocation client, and likely to relocate again in 3 years, they need to know this. Telling them about a resale issue when they just fell in love isn’t easy. And losing a potential sale is not easy for us either. But it’s in their best interest to do so. And for us, it’s always “client first”.

Another example where telling the truth may not work in our favor is when we are interviewing with potential Sellers. Some Sellers believe they should ask each agent for their recommended pricing and select the real estate agent who suggests the highest price or is at least willing to go along with their ‘dream’ price.” (Note: This is a myth! You should always select an agent on his/her credentials. Market value is a separate issue.)

So when we tell the truth of what’s happening in the market, and the Seller is not ready to hear it, we sometimes find the Seller chooses another agent to try to sell their home. (We call this “Jack Nicholson Syndrome”. Remember his line in “A Few Good Men”? – “You can’t handle the truth!”)

But it’s not unusual for some of these Sellers to come back to us 90 days later when their listing expires and their home is not sold. We always wish they had been ready for the truth sooner, because the longer your home is on the market, the less it usually sells for!

Never let an agent “buy” your listing.

It’’s tempting to “tell you what you want to hear”, but integrity and a professional price opinion are in your best interests. No one has a crystal ball & pricing can validly have some variability, but pricing realistically from the start is one of the strongest tools you have in winning the “Sales Game”! Listen to your agent’’s professional input and recommendations. Then make an educated decision and let the agent get on top of things at the start. Many agents will overprice a home in order to get the listing… and then ask for a price change down the line. You should insist on working with an agent with a proven track record. Ask the agent not only for a market analysis to determine the realistic amount your home will bear in today’’s market, but also ask them what their pulse is on the market. Then price your home accordingly. Overpricing a home is the worst mistake you can make! Statistics prove that the longer a home is on the market, the lower the price it will sell for.

This graph illustrates what happens when Sellers do not price to “market”:

The chart above shows what happens in a “stable market”. Markets that are “shifting” (such as ours) find Sellers who overprice in even worse positions.

Dangers Of Overpricing Your Home Dangers Of Overpricing Your Home Dangers Of Overpricing Your Home Dangers Of Overpricing Your Home

Here are just SOME of the Dangers of Overpricing Your Home:

  • You will lose the excitement that a new listing generates.
  • You will lose the most qualified prospects.
  • Overpricing helps sell other, more competitively priced properties first.
  • Your home may become stale on the market.
  • If you do get an offer, the contract may fall through because of appraisal problems.
  • You lose a strong negotiating position when your house is on the market for a long time, both financially and mentally.

(Click through if you would like a FREE estimate of your home’s value or if you would like a FREE Buyer Consult, just fill out our scheduling form here.)

Now you know why we tell the truth. It may not always be in OUR best interests. But it IS in our clients’ best interests. Our goal is to maximize the return for our Sellers, and minimize the time and inconvenience of having their home on the market. And the best way to do that is with the facts.

Telling the truth is not always easy. But it’s the right thing to do. Our clients depend on it!

(Click here for more info about The Belt Team’s MVVBP – Mission, Vision, Values, Beliefs & Perspective. This is our blue print for how we do business.)

Home Buyers – Don’t Make This Mistake!

Sometimes, home buyers make a mistake that they never even know could hurt them. What is that mistake and how can they avoid it?

Home Buyer Mistakes

Well, yesterday, my husband and I took the dog for a LONG walk. The weather was gorgeous and we love strolling around Vienna. As always, we ran into lots of friends & neighbors. AND we passed quite a few homes that were for sale.

Since I’m in the business, I of course was curious about the prices & features of the homes. So I whipped out my cell phone, pressed the magic “Nearby Homes” on my new GPS enabled real estate search app and waited for them to pop up.

Real estate Seatch App

And that’s where the problem comes in.

The first three homes I searched for didn’t come up. At first I thought there must be a problem with the app. It’s new & state-of-the-art, but maybe there were bugs in the system. So – instead of using the app, I pulled up Safari and went into the MLS directly. And guess what, the homes were not listed in the MLS.

Two of the three homes that we walked by were new construction. One was listed with a Realtor and one was not. But neither one was listed in the MLS. This is not unusual on new homes. The third home was a home that was just about to come on the market. But it wasn’t in the MLS yet. This also is not unusual in our market. Our team for example, listed a home a few weeks ago. Last week the owner asked us to put up a Coming Soon sign in anticipation of going in the MLS today. Well – the home sold over the weekend. It never made it into the MLS.

And THIS is the mistake that Buyers often make.

They choose Realtors for many reasons (because they are “friends”, because they got a postcard, because their Mom said to, because they saw an ad, because the agent sold their previous home) that turn out not to be the greatest criteria for selecting the best person to find & negotiate for a home.

When you’re buying a home, it’s imperative that you choose an agent who has their boots on the ground in the area you’re looking in. They should be completely wired in to whatever area you’re looking to move to. When you’re searching for homes today, it may not be as simple as just running searches in the MLS.

The Belt Team Helps Buyers Find Homes Not On The Market

In the cases I mentioned above, it turns out that my team knew all about the homes (I work on the marketing side, so I wasn’t as wired in.) Our team has sold more homes in Vienna than any other Realtor or team, and we have relationships with just about every builder in town. Many times, we have either listed homes for them and/or sold their homes to our buyers. And when they are building, they call us for advice on what would appeal to our buyers. So when we have a buyer in the new home price range, we don’t just run the MLS – we also put in calls to all our builder contacts to see not only what is under construction now, but what’s in the works. Oftentimes, we’re already aware of new homes not in the MLS because one of our niches is working with custom builders and so as part of our research on their behalf, we make it a point to know what’s being built in the area.

Many of the folks on our team also live in Vienna. So that means when we’re going to the grocery, taking the kids to baseball, showing property, walking the dog – we are on the ground in just about every part of town. So we know exactly what’s happening. Even if it’s not in the MLS. (And the good thing about being on a team is that we also have folks who live in Great Falls, McLean, Reston & surrounds!)

When we represent Sellers, it’s not unusual for Buyers to come through with agents who are from outlying areas, agents who only sell a few homes a year and even agents from other states. I always wonder how many houses those buyers lost out on because they didn’t even know the homes were available. Don’t make that mistake. The old saying “What you don’t know won’t hurt you.” is certainly not true here. You might miss out on your Dream Home!

Frustrated Homebuyer

Our mission is “Changing Lives For The Better – One Family At A Time” – is it time to change YOURS?! Call The Belt Team at (703) 242-3975 to schedule a FREE Buyer Consultation – or fill out our online scheduling form.

Buying A Home In Northern VA – Should I Do A Home Inspection?

Should I Get a Home Inspection

If you’re buying a home in Northern VA, you may be wondering whether or not a home inspection is worth the expense. After all, home inspections can cost anywhere from $300 to $800 depending on the size of the home.

Here at The Belt Team, we almost always advise our clients to get a home inspection done. (Now – whether or not to make your contract CONTINGENT on a home inspection or whether to just have one “for informational purposes” is a whole other question!)

Why do we recommend home inspections? Well, our experience is that it is in your best interests as a buyer to have one. But in today’s market (which in most areas is a Seller’s Market), the purpose of a home inspection is not what you might think. Some buyers approach the inspection as a time to re-negotiate the original contract terms based on the laundry list of items that often come up. And while sometimes that is possible, oftentimes the Seller will just void the contract and put it back on the market – especially in cases where there were competing contracts to start with. So in this regard, the home inspection is a good educational opportunity. The home inspector will show you all kinds of things you need to know – where the water cut-offs are, where there are GFI outlets that need adjusting, items that may need repaired or replaced, etc. If you’re buying a “resale” home, you should expect to have a “honey do” list of items. After all, it’s not a new home.

However, there is great validity to finding out whether there are any “major” issues you might not have anticipated. When you look at a house with your agent, there are a number of things you may notice that need doing – things like fixing windows, cleaning carpets, repairing crown moulding, replacing an older HVAC unit, etc. So when you write your offer to purchase, you can take these into account before you decide on what price to offer.

But, there may also be “major” things that need doing that you need a professional to point out. For example – structural damage that is not easily apparent, roof issues that are spotted from a ladder or signs of mold that are found in the crawl space. These are items that may cause you not to want to buy the house after all, or things that may cost you significant amounts of money to fix. We want our Buyers to buy (or not buy!) with their eyes wide open and a home inspection allows you to do that. (Note: A home inspection is not a 100% guarantee that every possible issue will be found. But it is the best way to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible.)

Last year, despite our recommendation for a home inspection, we had clients who decided against having one. The husband was a construction supervisor for a commercial builder. And he felt comfortable that he had looked over the house & could deal with whatever he found when he moved in.

A week after we ratified the contract, the couple wanted to go back over to the house to do some measuring for curtains and furniture. So we arranged access and met them back at the house. On that visit, the husband noticed something that had escaped notice the first time. MOLD. It wasn’t readily visible. But since they were looking at things more closely to get exact measurements, he became aware of it. At this point, we asked a lot more questions of the Seller. The Seller called in an expert and it turned out that there was a MAJOR mold issue the Seller had not been aware of. Our clients decided they did not want to buy the house. (Although the Seller offered to fix it at his cost, the Buyers had allergy issues and were not comfortable with the situation.)

Thankfully, although they had not followed our advice about a home inspection, they HAD taken our advice and at least made the contract contingent upon one. So, after lengthy negotiations, we were able to get them out of the contract. They since bought another home, had a professional home inspection, and are happily ensconced in that home!

Moral of the story? Have a home inspection. And have it done by a professional who knows what they are looking for (even if you are in a related business!). It might cost you $400, but that’s a $400 investment toward education and insurance against unknown future problems.

(And if you decide not to have one, whether it’s because you are competing to buy a particular home, or because you want to save money – make sure you discuss the implications with your Realtor ahead of time!)

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Mistakes Home Buyers & Home Sellers Can Avoid!

Join Belt Team Partner Kevin Kleifges as guest real estate expert on Real Estate Radio Washington. Kevin has great advice for both Buyers & Sellers in today’s market and addresses the biggest mistakes he sees them making. Kevin also talks about the changes we have seen in 2012 to the Regional Contract in Northern Virginia and how this impacts today’s buyers.

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