Tip Tuesday: Preparing Your Home for Sale – Neutralizing

The next topic in our “Tip Tuesday” series of posts on Preparing Your Home for Sale is NEUTRALIZING:

  1. Be cautious about selecting colors when painting or replacing carpeting. Your objective here is to make your home appeal to the largest possible buying segment. Ask yourself, “How many of the available buyers would be able to move into your house and have their furniture fit in and not have to replace the carpeting or repaint the walls?” Position your home on the market to be as livable as possible to as many people as possible, and allow the buyer to mentally picture the home as theirs.
  2. Forget your personal taste…the “market” is always demand driven. The average buyer will have a hard time looking beyond blue carpeting and bold wallpaper. Consider replacing unusual or bold colors with neutral tones. Two coats of white paint may be the best investment you ever made!

Remember, these weekly posts will guide you through the process of preparing your home for sale in order to achieve the highest possible sales price in the least amount of time. We will concentrate on areas like: (1) Repairing, (2) Cleaning, (3) Neutralizing, (4) Space Management, (5) Atmosphere and (6) Staging.

So look for more home selling tips on Tuesdays and if you are thinking of selling your home this year, please reach out to The Belt Team and let our 50+ years of experience in real estate work for you!

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