The Belt Team Awarded Top 100 Real Estate Blog on The Planet

Northern VA Real Estate BlogsThe Belt Team was just notified that we have been named to the “Top 100 Real Estate Blogs on the Planet” list!

Our competition included not just other Realtors (of which there are more than 1.2 Million in the U.S.), but also entire brokerages (like Keller Williams Realty), listing portals (like Zillow) and news organizations (like Inman News). We are one of only 2 Realtors or teams in the entire state of Virginia to make the list. (The other was in Charlottesville). We are thrilled because that means the Sellers we represent have market exposure like no other Realtor can provide in Northern VA. And our buyers get the local “boots on the ground” info they need.

Real estate is local. It’s actually hyperlocal. What you read about in the paper, hear about on the news, see posted on Facebook, skim on Twitter or see delivered to your email – is NOT necessarily what’s happening in YOUR neighborhood. Even right here in Northern VA, what’s happening in Arlington may not match Alexandria. Great Falls and Falls Church may be on opposite ends of the spectrum. And even in the same town, things can be different. For example, the Vienna market is currently seeing both a buyer’s market and a seller’s market depending on price range.

THAT is why we started blogging TWENTY years ago. If you are thinking of buying or selling in Northern Virginia, THIS is where you want to be to find out local statistics and strategies for how to win in TODAY’S Northern VA real estate market. In addition to posting new listings, coming soon and TONS of local market stats, we also share real estate related strategies and info that benefit our clients.

Here are a few of our most popular blog posts over the years:

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WHat Is My Home Worth



What’s Happening Nationally in Real Estate?

Here’s a one minute look at the national numbers in real estate:

  • Home Sales
  • Home Prices
  • Interest rates

If you’d like to know what’s happening in YOUR neighborhood, call our CEO, Terry Belt, at (703) 242-3975.

Are We In A Buyer’s Market or A Seller’s Market In Northern VA?

Northern VA Real Estate Market Fluctuation

When we meet with our Buyers & Sellers for their initial consultation, one of the things we talk about is what’s happening nationally, regionally and locally in the real estate market – how much homes are selling for, what’s on the market, and how fast homes are selling. The question that comes up most often is “Are we in a Buyer’s Market or a Seller’s Market?”

First, let’s define the terms:

“Balanced Market”: is a real estate market where there is about 6 months of housing inventory. There is no real advantage to one side or the other.

“Buyer’s Market”: is a real estate market where there are more homes on the market than there are Buyers, so much so that Buyers have the upper hand in negotiating and can often get a deal. Typically, a “Buyer’s Market” is defined as more than 6 months of housing inventory.

“Seller’s Market”: is a real estate market where there are a plethora of Buyers and not many homes on the market. This means Sellers have the advantage and this is a market where we see competing offers on many homes. Typically, a “Seller’s Market” is defined as less than 3 months of housing inventory.

So where are we today in Northern VA?

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In most areas in Northern VA (Alexandria, Arlington, Ashburn, Burke, Centreville, Chantilly, Dunn Loring, Fairfax, Falls Church, Herndon, Reston, Springfield, Sterling & Vienna) – housing inventory is less than 2 months and we are in a Seller’s Market.

In Oakton, housing inventory is just under 3 months, which is technically also a Seller’s Market – but there are pockets – with some neighborhoods &  price ranges that are seeing a Balanced Market and others seeing a Seller’s Market.

In Great Falls & McLean, housing inventory is 6 months & 3 months respectively – so technically a Balanced Market. However, note that as you go up in price range, there are HUGE variances and some areas are actually still seeing a Buyer’s Market.

Here are the stats for each city in Northern VA:

CITY # Months Inventory Market
Alexandria 1.6 Seller’s
Arlington 1.8 Seller’s
Ashburn 2.8 Balanced
Burke 1.3 Seller’s
Centreville 1.1 Seller’s
Chantilly 1.3 Seller’s
Dunn Loring 2 Seller’s
Fairfax 1.1 Seller’s
Falls Church 1.5 Seller’s
Great Falls 6 Balanced
Herndon 1.8 Seller’s
McLean 3 Balanced
Oakton 2.5 Seller’s
Reston 1.3 Seller’s
Springfield 0.8 Seller’s
Sterling 1.2 Seller’s
Vienna 1.5 Seller’s

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Honey I Shrunk The Real Estate Market! But By How Much?

If you’re actively looking to buy or sell a home in Northern Virginia right now, then you are very aware the market is tight. We have a LONG list of buyers looking for homes. And many Sellers who go on the market are selling quickly. Last Friday we put a home on the market and by Sunday we had 6 contracts. The home sold for almost 5% above list price!

In 2013, the market was also tight in many areas. But we were curious how this year compares to the past. So we ran some stats. Here’s a market snapshot of January sales from 2010 – 2014. What you’ll see is that in Arlington County, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, closed sales & contracts were the lowest in 5 years. The same was true for Fairfax City And Alexandria City. Falls Church City was the only exception.

January Contract Snapshot Alexandria City Real Estate Sales 2010 to 2014

January Contract Snapshot Arlington County Real Estate Sales 2010 to 2014

January Contract Snapshot Fairfax City Real Estate Sales 2010 to 2014

January Contract Snapshot Fairfax County Real Estate Sales 2010 to 2014

January Contract Snapshot Falls Church City Real Estate Sales 2010 to 2014

January Contract Snapshot Loudoun County Real Estate Sales 2010 to 2014


In a market like this, Buyers need every advantage they can get. That’s why we launched a state-of-the-art home search web site. We had so many buyers coming to us after looking on other sites and finding outdated info or worse – after homes sold that they never even knew were on the market. When the market shrinks like it has, homes sell quickly. The first buyer in the door is poised to win. Our site updates more frequently than others and so our Buyers have the advantage. (They also have the advantage of our Secret Weapon – the “Showing Partner Model“!)


On the other side of the coin, Sellers need to ensure their equity is not only protected, but maximized. How do they do this? Work with seasoned, proven professionals. And ask lots of questions.

Just because an agent sells a lot of homes, does NOT mean they are the best agent for you. (As an example, there are 3 top agents in the Vienna/Oakton area. The Belt Team is #1, but Agent/Team #2 and Agent/Team #3 have sold a ton of homes and have been in the market for many years. However, our statistics are vastly different. Last year, The Belt Team’s listings sold more than a month faster. AND they sold for 4-5% more than the other two agents’ listings.)

Questions To Ask:

  • How many homes have you sold?
  • What was the average days on market?
  • What percent of list price did you average?
  • How do all of these compare to the market in general?
  • (Call 703) 242-3975 for a FREE REPORT with our entire list of interview questions

In addition to getting information from the agents you’re talking to, find out what real buyers & sellers have to say about their experience with each agent. A good place to start is on 3rd party web sites like Unlike the agents’ own web sites, the agent can’t post reviews directly on Zillow. Consumers post reviews and they are published by Zillow with no input from the agent. So you’re likely to get a good idea of what it’s like to work with each agent. (Reviews about The Belt Team.)

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Changing Lives For The Better

Real Estate Success Stories

The Belt Team‘s mission statement is “Changing Lives For The Better”. Whether it’s in our real estate business or our personal lives, we take it seriously. Buying or selling a home is not just a financial transaction. We recognize that it’s often precipitated by an important life event – a wedding, a funeral, a promotion, a layoff, a new baby, becoming an empty nester, getting a job relocation, etc.

To that end, Terry Belt, CEO of The Belt Team shared “We have been blessed to help thousands of families change their lives for the better  and it has been an honor to serve so many of you in 2013. In gratitude, we have made donations to the following charities who are united with us in changing lives for the better.”

  • Food For Others
  • Cure Starts Now
  • The Hope Center
  • Our Military Kids
  • Alzheimer’s Association
  • Stop Soldier Suicide
  • Youth Apostles
  • Unitarian Universalist Homeless Ministry
  • Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church

From our family to your family, “Welcome Home and  Happy Thanksgiving!”.

If it’s time to change YOUR life and you’re looking to buy or sell a home, contact The Belt Team today. We specialize in real estate success stories.

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